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A new super limited lot - Finca Potosì Pink Bourbon Natural Anaerobic

A new super limited lot - Finca Potosì Pink Bourbon Natural Anaerobic

A rare opportunity to taste a limited availability nanolot.

We have a new coffee from the Granja La Esperanza farm in the house! This one is a magnificent nanolot from their Potosì farm and is of Pink Bourbon only.

In the cup:

A funky lot indeed, with lovely notes of tropical fruit, sultanas, strawberry compote. Dense body, balanced tartaric acidity, and dark chocolate after taste.

For more info: https://en.neroscurocoffee.com/products/finca-potosi-pink-bourbon-natural-anaerobic-caicedonia


CoffeeAndJesse 2020 - Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene Anaerobic

CoffeeAndJesse 2020 - Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene Anaerobic

Dear coffee people, CoffeeAndJesse is back!

And again featuring a truly special coffee, Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene Natural Anaerobic: intensely fruity, with notes of pineapple, vanilla, cocoa nibs, and a long lasting floral character of rose.

Get it here: https://en.neroscurocoffee.com/products/coffee-and-jesse-2 

1€ for each bag sold will go to a non-profit board for animal protection.

Great teamwork pays off. Grazie!

Great teamwork pays off. Grazie!

Matteo got an incredible, but well deserved, 2nd place at the Italian Brewers Championship, at his first attempt.

We're very proud of what he achieved. A massive thank you to him and the whole team who made this possible.

Fancy trying the coffee he used at the finale? Well, it will be available (in limited quantity) online asap :-)


Roasting schedule over Sigep Exhibition weekend

Roasting schedule over Sigep Exhibition weekend

We will be attending Sigep Exhibition, from 18th to 20th of January 2020, Italy - Fiera di Rimini.

More info here: https://en.sigep.it/sigep/supply-chain/coffee

We're having some changes on the roasting dates, there will be no roasting on the weekend (18-19), we will be roasting some amazing coffee on Tuesday 21st only.

Check our social networks to see where to find us at Sigep, we will present some new lots + a special project.

See you there coffee folks!


This is What We Do

This is What We Do

Small Batch Specialty Coffee Roasting to order: This is What We Do. 

Nero Scuro was founded on a simple concept: we never roast anything that does not excite us or that we would not be pleased to drink ourselves.
Our coffee is our passion and the heart of our business: we import, roast and sell only what we consider to be the finest coffees available. As a micro-roastery, the way we operate is both simple and rare: we roast no more than four kilograms per batch, and do this only after a customer has placed an order to ensure freshness and quality. We pack the coffee in high quality bags with degassing valves right after roasting it, and ship them shortly thereafter. We spend countless hours perfecting the roasting profile of each coffee before adding it to our collection. We use a classic drum roaster, equipped with advanced temperature control systems to ensure that our results are consistent and repeatable.

In conclusion, we are proud to use an approach to roasting that has not acquiesced to faster, less expensive methods or to the practice of producing high volumes to decrease costs. Our goal is to create a unique product that allows our customers to experience the full flavours and aromas typical of each region the coffee comes from. We take pride in the success we have achieved in this endeavor.

Un lotto da competizione, Brewers Cup - Egu Abaya Diima Natural Lot #1 - Guji

Un lotto da competizione, Brewers Cup - Egu Abaya Diima Natural Lot #1 - Guji

Oggi si è svolta la prima tappa delle selezioni italiane di Brewers Cup presso Caffè Musetti.

Super complimenti a tutti i qualificati per le finali di Sigep Rimini. In particolare a Raimondo Morreale con il quale abbiamo preparato questa gara, mettendo a punto un lotto Etiope molto interessante, che poi lui ha estratto ad arte vincendo la tappa.

Ci vediamo a Rimini con nuove emozioni!

Se vuoi assaggiare il lotto in questione lo trovi qui: 



Caffè specialty tostati su ordine e consegna gratuita (ordini di almeno 3 confezioni in italia, almeno 5 in molti paesi EU)  •   info@neroscurocoffee.com  •   Spediamo in tutto il mondo!